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These castles transformed into luxury flats

Le 25/01/2023
These castles transformed into luxury flats

Too expensive and too difficult to maintain, there have never been so many châteaux for sale. Many families, often owners for generations, are forced to part with their property. Developers are turning them into luxury flats. A new practice that worries heritage defenders.

An 18th century manor house in the east of the Ile de France will soon be put up for sale. The estate agent came to visit the owner. Inside, thirteen rooms, 600 m², estimated value of the castle: 1 800 000 euros. No more castle life for the soon-to-be-retired owner. No one in his family wants to take over this property, which requires a lot of investment.

Privatisation of local heritage
The real estate agent has to make sure that the property will be well preserved, so he sorts out the buyers. And the number of castles on the market has been rising over the past year, but not all of them are finding buyers quickly. A Renaissance castle, which has been on the market since 2014, has only just been bought by a developer, who is going to transform it into twelve flats. This is what is known as a cut-up sale. But for opponents of this type of project, it is a privatisation of local heritage

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